About Credit Capitol

Credit Capitol is more than just a financial services firm, simply put, our company is a resource for people who need cars but have credit issues.  We help find a car or truck that suits your needs and then we help you find the right financial package.

Who doesn’t have credit issues these days!  With so many people out of work or stretched to their financial limits, we at CreditCapitol felt we had to come up with a new financial product to help.

We specialize in helping people with “less than perfect” credit.  We don’t offer home loans or business loans, only auto loans which makes us that much better at helping you.  We work with specific banks and offer in-house financing plans that are far more lenient than traditional loans.

  • Our forms and information requirements are fast and easy to complete.
  • Bankruptcy issues are not a deal killer.
  • Co-signers are not necessary.
  • Down Payments are low!
  • We have hundreds of cars & trucks that are in the right price range for you!