Scott McCorkle's Credit capitol makes it easy!

Divorce is hard, and roughly 50% of marriages in North Carolina are ending in one. The emotional toll is only part of the stress to be expected when a marriage meets its demise. With the economy being what it is, the financial stress can actually overshadow and compound the emotional aspect. Credit Capitol in Charlotte and Monroe aims to be a easy resource for people in this situation.

Sometimes a couple’s precarious financial situation is the breaking point of a struggling marriage; sometimes the divorce itself is the cause of money woes. In either case, setting up two households where there used to be one is costly, and fees for legal counsel only add to the financial burden. Post-divorce financial instability can very easily lead to bad credit and even bankruptcy.

Getting off to a fresh start often means the need for a new car. In many cases, family cars are sold in order to split marital property. But securing an auto loan can be a trying experience after divorce, particularly for an individual whose ex-spouse brought in the overwhelming majority of household income. Without the benefit of someone to cosign, it will be difficult to get a loan from a traditional banking institution, as these institutions usually require high income, stable work history and stellar credit scores. If that individual has suffered damage to their credit score due to collections, bad credit card debt, or credit that has been “written off” during the course of the marriage, securing a post- divorce car loan from a traditional source may well be impossible. This is where Scott McCorkle’s new “Credit Capitol” can come into play.

Scott McCorkle’s Credit Capitol specializes in helping folks that may not have stellar credit ratings, but are honest consumers in need of reliable, safe transportation. Credit Capitol has extensive financial resources at hand, and a compassionate and knowledgeable staff to put you at ease during the loan process. Scott McCorkle understands that good people can find themselves in not-so-good financial situations (divorce being a prime example) and that they are “more than their credit score”.

If a divorce has forced your credit rating to fall and you find yourself in need of a new or used car, read on—these tips are for you:

  1. Pre-Arrange Your Auto Loan: You need to know how much you can actually afford. This is one of the key principles to financing any car, especially with below-average credit. Finding the right lender who offers the right APR rate, and who is willing to approve you is key. Scott McCorkle’s new Credit Capitol will work with you to secure a loan that you can actually live with. Once you know how much you are approved for, you can go on to the second (and much more fun) step–finding the car that is the right fit for you!
  2. Choose an Affordable, Fuel-Efficient Vehicle: Financing a car with bad credit puts you at an immediate disadvantage. You want to make sure that you don’t overextend your budget. This means opting for a car that’s affordable to buy, reasonable to maintain, cheap to insure, and not a guzzler at the pump. Gas prices are exceedingly high these days, so factoring fuel economy into your decision is more important than ever before. Scott McCorkle’s Liberty Buick GMC Truck has a huge selection of new and used cars to choose from that will fit your budget, your needs, and even your style!
  3.  Offer a Down Payment: Save enough cash to provide a 5-25% down payment on your bad credit auto loan. This will a) increase the likelihood of getting your application approved, b) reduce your interest rates, and c) decrease the risk of getting “upside down” on your loan (owing more on your vehicle than it is actually worth).

If you have just gone through a divorce, you have lived through one of life’s hardest trials. It’s time to start new and fresh. Let Scott McCorkle help put you in a vehicle that’s perfect for your new life. Just fill out the easy info form in the top right hand corner of this website.  One of our credit specilist will get back to you right away!