The case of ATM theft at a Chase Bank ATM has recently become a matter of public record and is now available to public knowledge. Last January two men installed technology on a Chase Bank ATM that could read customers’ bank cards in order to steal their information. Then in partnership with a third man they managed to steal over two hundred fifty thousand dollars from approximately fifteen hundred customers this year.

The two men planted their cameras at a total of eleven Chase Bank ATMs. Then the three men together withdrew money using the stolen card information and made purchases in Canada, Illinois, and Arizona. And that was just the first attempt. The men then returned from Canada and went back to the scene of the crime, where they managed to make off with another twenty thousand dollars in customers’ money. Finally two of the three men, Nikolai Ivanov and Dimitar Stamatov, were arrested in May while attempting to remove one of their card reading devices from an ATM.

All three of the men are now facing charges although the third criminal, Iordan Ivanov who aided in the second withdrawal, has not been arrested as he is likely hiding out in Canada. Officials are seeking extradition for Mr. Ivanov who is Nikolai’s brother. Each of the men faces charges of burglary, criminal possession of forgery devices and larceny. The two men who are currently in custody are also being charged with identity theft.

All three of the criminals are either naturalized citizens or permanent residents of Canada, but most of the stolen money was wired via Western Union to their native country of Bulgaria. The bank involved, Chase, was diligent in notifying the authorities as soon as they caught wind of the scam. They worked with prosecutors and officers as they continued to track down the criminals, alerting the authorities as soon as they realized the men were attempting to pull through their scam a second time. Luckily, as a Chase Bank spokesman stated, the bank does reimburse its customers for any losses due to fraud.

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