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At the end of each year, Liberty Buick GMC hosts their biggest sales event! From Black Friday sales to Christmas sales, all in all, it is the biggest ta-do of the year. It’s the end-of-year sales event! The end of the year really is the best time to buy a vehicle and these sales live up to the hype. Credit Capital wants to help you finance the perfect vehicle before 2018 arrives. It’s finally time to check getting a new car off your list of things to-do this year.

There are several reasons why the end of the year is the best time to buy a car. One of the biggest reasons is actually pretty simple. New Year, new cars! Dealers know that starting a New Year means that people are going to want newer cars. So out with the old cars and in with the new. In order to make room for a lot full of new 2018 vehicles, a dealer’s goal is to sell as many of their 2017 vehicles as they can. This calls for huge sales. Most dealerships don’t want to be selling last year’s model in a new year so they start clearing out the inventory. The best way to clear out the inventory is by putting up the best prices.

The second reason that the end-of-year deals beat all other sales is that dealerships want to reach their sales goals and in order to do so they need your help. With just weeks left before setting a new set of goals, there isn’t much time so dealerships crank up the sales. Dealers offer their best specials and incentives they can to help them meet their targeted goal.

Finally, business is usually a little bit slow during this time of year. Cold weather, Christmas, and lots of traveling means that many people are generally not looking into getting a new vehicle. Many people are staying in doors to keep warm or are spending their extra money on Christmas gifts. To help draw people into the car buying mindset, awesome specials are a must.

Overall, there is no comparing deals. End-of-year sales really are the best of the best. During this end-of-year sales event, Credit Capital wants to help you finance a new Buick or GMC vehicle from Liberty Buick GMC. Ready to shop around? Take a look at the inventory online at www.clickliberty.com or give them a call at 866-442-0871.