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Christmas is almost here and the rush to finish Christmas shopping in time is on. With the holiday right around the corner, last minute shopping, crowded malls, and long lines are just the start of the Christmas chaos. Credit Capitol wants to help keep you from running into a financial disaster. This time of year it is so easy to resort to the holiday credit card fiasco. With the holiday shopping rush, this is a prime time for credit card companies to sneak their way into your financial plan without telling you the catch. To make it even worse, a law has just been passed to make it even easier for sneaky banks to give customers credit cards.

With the recent class-action lawsuit against banks, customers should be fully aware of what they are getting into before signing up for any type of credit card. The recently passed law is making it even easier for banks to slip in those hidden fees, annual maintenance charges, and even change interest rates. So, be prepared to read that eight page contract with a magnifying glass before signing on to another credit card. If not, you can expect to find all kinds of head charges in the fine print underneath the wowing incentives. 0% percent interest, 1 year no payments, the list goes on for the outstanding incentives; but don’t be fooled. Below these crazy awesome deals, the fine print could read 500 annual maintenance fee or 100% interest rate after 12 months.

Credit cards are awesome, just make sure you read all of the fine print and know exactly what you are signing up for so there will not be any surprises. Credit Capitol wants to help make sure your Christmas goes well. So stop and think before signing up for those Christmas Credit cards.