There’s an old saying that life is ten percent circumstance and ninety percent attitude. There’s another old expression that the true measure of a person is the way he bears up under misfortune. And certainly everyone’s heard the old adage that when one door closes another one opens.
It’s all about seeing opportunities instead of obstacles.
Facing bad credit can be difficult. In addition to the financial and practical hurdles, individuals experiencing credit problems often report feeling a variety of physical, mental and emotional problems as well. According to Stephanie Newman, a psychologist and columnist for Psychology Today reports that, “Since the financial crisis began doctors and therapists are reporting a sharp increase in stress-related complaints including migraines, insomnia and gastro-intestinal disturbance.” Individuals dealing with bad credit often report feeling depressed, anxious and fearful.
But look closer and you’ll see opportunities.
Regardless of the circumstances that led to a bad credit situation, there are always lessons to be learned and opportunities to explore. Finding yourself with a bad credit rating is the end of one chapter, sure. But it’s also the beginning of another.
Start the recovery process by focusing on what you can do rather than focusing on what you feel. Don’t worry – when you begin to take positive action to change your situation, you’ll begin to feel better.
The first place to start is relationship building. Begin thinking about the business relationships that you have and the ones that you’d like to develop. One of the pillars of strong credit is strong credit relationships. Cultivating relationships can help bridge the time between bad credit and a new, improved rating.
Next examine your daily, weekly and monthly spending habits. How much have you been spending on disposable or non-durable items? Bad credit provides an opportunity to look at potential savings. Maybe you’ve put off examining regular spending because you were too busy. Make the time to cutback and cut coupons! It’s surprising how much watching the grocery bill can save.
Now look at investing in items that will open other doors. Invest in items that will serve you well; invest in items that will get you headed in the direction you want to go. Invest in items that will create more opportunities.
Investing in a dependable vehicle with a reputable dealer provides an opportunity to rebuild credit, begin a positive business relationship and get the reliable transportation that you need to get you to work and the other place you need to be. It’s critical that people facing credit issues have a reliable vehicle!
Some people fall victim to the notion that no spending is the solution to solving bad credit. Wrong! Creating a reliable credit history can help repair damage and rebuild an individual’s credit rating in a very short time. What better way to build credit than by finding a vehicle that you can count on, making regular payments and building a business relationship with a reliable dealer?
What could be more important right now than reliable transportation? Stop fretting! Take action and call a great dealer to begin rebuilding your good credit today!