According to the Mecklenburg County public database of construction permits there is new construction in the auto industry in Charlotte, a positive sign of the automotive industry as well as the country’s economy picking back up. Several successful Charlotte car dealers are strengthening the local economy and the commercial construction industry by upgrading dealerships. New facades and the addition of upscale customer areas that include coffee bars and internet service are all a reflection of the success that local auto dealers are experiencing. At least one local dealer has plans to build an auto mall that will include larger showroom areas and increased customer services.  Scott McCorkle’s Liberty Buick GMC is among one of the many auto dealers looking to expand their dealerships in Charlotte. When the economy does well businesses like these can afford to expand, which means if they’re expanding then the economy probably is too.

While the number of commercial building permits issued in Mecklenburg County last year rose over the previous year, the 5,517 permits issued in 2010 is still less half of that seen during Charlotte’s boom days, according to the Charlotte Observer. And according to North Carolina Construction News, most permits, roughly two-thirds, were issued for renovations rather than new buildings, continuing a trend that emerged last year.

The auto industry has always been a key part of Charlotte’s economy and its continued growth is fueling the growth in local commercial construction.

According to the database of construction projects in the Charlotte area there are several automotive construction projects underway. For example there is the new Rick Hendrick Auto Mall that has been under construction recently, and the new Hendrick BMW construction. Building an auto mall is a huge commercial construction project. An auto mall is a collection of dealerships that cooperate together in one place to bring customers a variety of different types of cars. Building something this big is bound to spur the economy with its massive need for labor and parts.

Scott McCorkle, owner of Liberty Buick GMC on Independence Boulevard, is excited to unveil that his construction project is getting closer and closer to completion as well. He wanted to make sure that his dealership looks as good on the outside as it does on the inside. “Our facility had been a hindrance to providing the best possible service,” Scott said. “We had the red carpet treatment, but we didn’t have the red carpet facility to match it. Now we’re going to have a first class building to match our first class service.”

If you would like to come down and see Liberty’s great new construction project, please don’t hesitate to drop by and give us a look! You can also visit our contact us page or call 888-306-1908 for more information about our project or about how we can help you get a new auto loan and help the economy grow with new loan opportunities!