Pioneer Services, the military division of Mid-country Bank, has announced that it will be offering a new service to America’s military families. Pioneer wants to help ensure that America’s military families are able to apply for necessary credit services, like auto loans, so they are giving free Credit Repair Kits to military families.

The new kit will be comprised of videos, a checklist, and instructions on repairing credit. The videos will provide these families with information to help them better understand how to go about looking for credit opportunities. The checklist though is much more important, since it contains the steps to getting these families’ credit back on track. Not only does the checklist include information about how to improve credit scores, it also includes information on how to reduce any current debt to a manageable level and how to look more appealing to lenders. The checklist also provides these families with a rough timeline of when to apply for certain things so that they can optimize their credit repairing resources.

The kit is designed with military personnel in mind, providing clear and precise instructions for those who are used to following orders. The kit will include information about all the most important parts of credit repair in order to help military personnel become more aware of their credit history and their credit scores. The kit includes resources for renovating credit in the short term as well as the long term, and provides information on more than one credit repair strategy.

Even though the kit is designed for military personnel and their families, anyone could learn about credit repair from this kit. Everyone should be vigilant about their credit history, which makes this a resource for everyone. It can be easy to fall into bad debt by accident or even by circumstances beyond control. In fact, many people don’t understand how credit reporting even works, or how they got into bad debt in the first place. Always keep track of your debt, to make sure you are keeping your credit right where it needs to be. If you would like more information about how we can help you with your auto loan in spite of your bad credit, please visit our contact us page, or call 866-442-0871.